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Tuesday Apr 06 2021
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Sindh govt to bear the expenses of Naila Jaffery's cancer treatment

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Sindh govt announces to bear treatment expenses of Naila Jaffery

Sindh government has announced to bear all the treatment expenses of famous TV actress Naila Jaffery after she requested for royalties from the re-runs of her dramas for financial support.

Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities Sardar Ali Shah announced that the treatment for Jaffery will be done at Sindh government’s expense on Monday.

In a statement, the minister said his department would bear all expenses for Jaffery, who has been battling cancer since 2016.

Recently, in a video message from the hospital, Jeffery appealed for royalties from the re-runs of her dramas to pay for her cancer treatment.

Commenting on the tweet, Sardar Shah said, “Culture department will happily bear all her expenses .. can anyone share her contact number?”.