Wednesday May 26 2021
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Raja Riaz claims Ali Zafar's report has cleared Jahangir Tareen of all charges

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PTI MNA Raja Riaz with Jahangir Tareen. File photo.

  • Jahangir Tareen group claims Ali Zafar has cleared Tareen of all charges.
  • Raja Riaz says this is a victory of the JKT group.
  • Says those who were targeting us should now resign.

LAHORE: MNA Raja Riaz, a senior leader of the Jahangir Khan Tareen group, has claimed that the one-man committee constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan has given cleat chit to the former PTI secretary-general.

Talking to Geo Pakistan Wednesday, Riaz said Barrister Ali Zafar, in his report, has declared Tareen innocent, which is a victory of their stance.

"Barrister Ali Zafar has submitted his report, which was shared with the prime minister as well. Thanks to the Almighty, Tareen has been cleared of all charges and he has nothing to do with any transaction. This is a victory of our group's stance," Riaz said.

An elated Riaz said the group celebrated the development in a meeting held a day earlier in which all members were informed of the good news that Tareen has been given a clean chit and no fraud was proved against him in the sugar scam.

"All the members were happy that we have been vindicated."

He said that they will appear before the courts and people will see FIA facing embarrassment and it would have to step back. "Those who were conspiring against Jahangir Tareen are feeling embarrassed," Riaz said.

About the JKT group's meeting with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, Riaz said an officer has been appointed to address their issues and the CM has assured them of addressing their grievances.

On a question of the future course of action of the group, the PTI MNA said they would continue to raise their voice whenever they see something wrong being done. "We want to strengthen Imran Khan and will remain part of PTI," he said.

He thanked PM Imran Khan for appointing a "neutral umpire".

"Ali Zafar worker worked hard on the report. He held hours-long meetings on the matter," Riaz said.

"The FIA is not in a position to do anything. We had said that this is a bogus case and now a neutral umpire has stamped it. It is a slap on the faces of those who had labelled us as blackmailers and should resign."

Earlier this month, after meeting with pro-Tareen lawmakers, PM Khan had tasked Senator Ali Zafar to probe into the allegations of victimisation and report to him.