WATCH: Cricket fan says 'legend' Babar Azam should be made PM

Murtaza Ali Shah

LONDON: Young cricket fan Nabeeha Khan — who went viral after Geo News aired her gripping disappointment after Pakistan lost the One Day Internationals series against England — has demanded that "legend" Babar Azam be made the prime minister of Pakistan for his heroic knocks in England.

Nabeeha Khan became an overnight sensation after she approached Geo News in Birmingham after the dismal performance of the Pakistan cricket team in Birmingham in the final ODI. She wanted to share her frustration at the loss and how she had skipped her A-Levels classes to support Pakistan against England.

“These players have let us down. I lied to my teacher, skipped the class, brought my parents and siblings to the game and they lost the match. My heart is broken into pieces. Only Babar Khan played beautifully and threw his whole self into the game. Tum Jeeto ya haaro, hamay tum say Pakistan hai,”she said in the video that went viral after making it to Geo News headlines and captured the imagination of many fans.

Not to be deterred, Nabeeha Khan made travel arrangements from her own pocket money and travelled 50 miles from Birmingham to Nottingham for Pakistan’s T20 match against England at Trent Bridge.

Speaking to this correspondent outside the cricket ground in Nottingham following Pakistan's victory in the first of the three-match T20 series against England, the gushing teen said that Babar Azam is "amazing" and "everything".

"Babar Azam should become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He’s a legend. He’s amazing. He always wins my heart. If I ever get to meet Babar Azam, my life's purpose would have been fulfilled," she told Geo News.

She went on to swoon over his captaincy skills, his batting and the sixes and fours he hits.

"Look at how he makes runs, he hits fours and sixes. It is because of him that we have any respect," she said animatedly, adding: "If it wasn't for Babar Azam, I would not be able to show my face anywhere."

She went on: "He has every quality that a prime minister should have. Take Imran Khan sahab for instance. He was such a good cricketer and now he is the prime minister. And Babar Azam is even more amazing. So why not him?" she reasoned.

"He wins people’s hearts. I hope he becomes prime minister and wins people's hearts," she said, to conclude her impassioned plea.

Nabeeha Khan lives in Birmingham with her parents Jahanzeb Khan and Rana Jahanzaib. They are originally from Karachi’s DHA. Nabeeha Khan studied at the Beacnhouse School till 2017 and then moved to Birmingham. Nabeeha Khan says she wants to become a doctor.