Thursday Oct 21 2021
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PPP clarifies Bilawal's 'anti media' remarks, says they were taken out of context

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  • Controversy had erupted after Bilawal was accused of calling the media 'barking dogs'
  • PPP urges people to understand the context of the statement instead of believing in propaganda.
  • Says Bilawal's speech twisted by "some elements", attributed statement has no link with reality.

The PPP has clarified that a part of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's speech at a Sunday rally at Karachi’s Bagh-e-Jinnah was in no way targeted at the media, adding that the people should "understand the context of a statement instead of believing in propaganda".

PPP issued a video for clarification containing a bit from Bilawal's speech from the rally, where he appeals to Pakistanis to "not fall for the media's character assassination".

The video clarifies that Bilawal's statement was misunderstood — he did not mean that the media was indulging in character assassination, but that the media was being targeted and discredited, and the people should not accept it. 

The video also referred to another statement made by Bilawal, where he said: "You should not follow those who bark against the PPP".

For this, the PPP clarified that this statement was not directed towards the media, but those trolls who target the PPP with false assertions.

"Some elements are trying to misinterpret Bilawal's speech in a way that has no connection with the reality," said the statement.

Sherry Rehman hopes "the misunderstanding" now cleared

Earlier, PPP leader Sherry Rehman had taken to Twitter, "hoping that the misunderstanding" regarding Bilawal's speech had been cleared.

She had retweeted journalist Mazhar Abbas's Tweet condemning Bilawal's "remarks against the media".

"I hope the misunderstanding has been cleared. @BBhuttoZardari was talking about the political trolls who spout hate speech as a norm in the media. He was certainly not taking a pot shot at the media," wrote Rehman.