‘Gas supply thrice a day only’: It is fake news, says Hammad Azhar

Government asked gas companies to prioritise gas pressure for consumers three times a day, says Hammad Azhar

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Federal Energy Minister Hammad Azhar Friday declared the media reports stating that the government had ordered gas supply only three times a day as "fake news". 

The minister was discussing Pakistan's gas crisis on the Geo News programme Naya Pakistan

"First of all, this fake news [was associated with me] that gas will only be supplied three times a day," he stated. "I was asked in the Senate about it to which I said the government never made any such commitment simply because it is not possible to do so."

The minister said it is not "logistically possible" to cut off gas supply connections in people's homes numerous times of the day to ensure it is available at only three times a day. 

"We did, however, tell the gas companies to try and prioritise gas pressure for domestic consumers three times a day when people prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner," he clarified. 

Azhar said to claim that he made a guarantee or commitment to supply gas three times a day only, is factually wrong. 

When countered by the anchor, the minister said his directives to the gas companies, even today, are that they should try to ensure the supply of gas three times a day.