Genesis 50+: Pakistan to host first immersive NFT virtual art exhibition today

Over 50 participants entering metaverse expected to be a milestone enabling Pakistani artists to generate huge revenues in future

Mehreen Ansari
Genesis 50+: Pakistan to host first immersive NFT virtual art exhibition today

Pakistan is no less when it comes to talent, and like in any other field, the country possesses a lot of it in the field of arts. Unfortunately, despite being an asset to the country, Pakistani artists and creators are not encouraged and promoted enough.

However, Pakistan is now all set to host the first immersive art exhibition, Genesis 50+, an NFT show today (December 30) and day after tomorrow (January 1, 2022), which may turn out to be revolutionary in enabling Pakistani artists to generate huge revenues in future.

This first of its kind exhibition is to explore and create a dialogue with artists and creators through different mediums of new-age media and develop an understanding of how immersive the future can be with new tangible and intangible means of expression.

The event curator, Zain Mursaleen, who is also an artist, believes that the event will prove to be a milestone for the Pakistani artists’ community as over 50 Pakistani artists will enter the metaverse, where hefty investments are being made all around the globe.

Speaking to, Mursaleen said that the entire world is frequently conducting NFT art exhibitions, but that no one in Pakistan had come up with the idea till now. He said that this will be an event where a large number of undiscovered artists will get massive exposure for their work and talent.

“Since Pakistan currently does not allow trade in cryptocurrency, it is solely a community-building exhibition and focuses on introducing our artists to the metaverse and connecting them to the rest of the world,” said Mursaleen.

He said that no one is selling or buying things in this exhibition, but that once Pakistan allows cryptocurrency transactions, such events will benefit the artists and creators of Pakistan as well as the community and country in exceptional ways.

Speaking about how he took such a big number of participants on board for the exhibition, Mursaleen said he connected with the artists and creators solely through the internet.

As Mursaleen shared his experience, he stressed how useful and fast-paced the internet space is.

“It took me barely 30 or 40 days to gather all the participants for the event when I connected with them through the internet whereas it would have taken almost a year if I had tried to connect in person,” he said.

Mursaleen said that the response he got from the artists was overwhelming as every one of the artists and creators wanted to participate. However, he said that no one knew how to do it.

Sharing the details of the two-day event, Mursaleen said it would be held in two phases. The first phase will be an open mic live session on Twitter, @zainulmursaleen and @NftismWorld, where the participants will discuss their work, experiences and expectations.

The session will open at 6pm and continue till 10pm, while the second session will start at 4pm on the second day and end at 11:30pm. In the second phase, the link to the online virtual immersive gallery will be shared today at 8:30pm which will be accessible to everyone.

Mursaleen said that people are welcome to join the session so that they can know more about the exhibition and artists participating in it.