Saturday Jan 22 2022
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WATCH: The success story of a polio victim in Pakistan

DWDeutsche Welle

When Amna was six months old, she developed a fever; upon examination, her parents discovered she had contracted the poliovirus.

In a video interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), Amna said that her father decided that day not to leave his daughter relying upon anyone, and that he will support her fully to study medicine and become a doctor.

However, it was not easy.

DW reported that the facilities and mechanisms in Pakistan are inadequate to assist individuals like Amna who need support.

"My father used to drop me off inside the school building on a bike, near the classroom; but every once in a while, the brace that I wear for support would break, then my father had to physically carry me to the classroom," said Amna.

Recalling her father's support, Amna told DW that her father made sure that she is not absent from class, "my father made sure my studies are not compromised in any way."

Amna's ambition was to become a physician, and she worked extremely hard to accomplish this goal.

However, when the time of admission in the medical college arrive, she was denied admission. The reason given to her by colleges was her "physical incapability", she told DW.

"They informed me that I was incapable of studying at medical college; that was when my father decided to sue the medical college."

Amna used to feel as if her entire life had been shattered.

"I believed I was incapable of achieving anything and lacked worth," she said.

Her case was heard in a court for six months and later landed at the Supreme Court, which ruled in her favour.

According to Amna, the court told the media colleges that it was up to her to decide whether she could do it or not.

Amna has earned her medical degree and is now pursuing a specialisation.

People with special needs in Pakistan lack access to facilities designed for them as compared to how developed countries facilitate their specially-abled citizens. In fact, in many cases, the paths of these citizens are obstructed, reported DW.

The video shows that Amna now runs a clinic and hosts free medical camps for the under-privileged people of the society.

Amna asserts that if an individual chooses to pursue his goals, he has access to thousands of possible paths. However, If he chooses not to, he has has thousands of possible excuses.