Saturday Jan 22 2022
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Karachi weather update: Death toll reaches six as gusty winds envelop city

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  • The metropolis is in the grip of a gusty winds for the second day in a row.
  • Karachi to remain under the cold spell till January 27.
  • Air pollution has increased in the atmosphere and some people have difficulty breathing.

KARACHI: At least six people have died across the city in multiple incidents due to strong winds as the weather in the metropolis remained windy, Geo News reported Saturday.

According to SSP East, a man who was asleep on the sidewalks in the Dhoraji area was killed when a block fell on his face due to strong winds, taking the death toll to six.

Yesterday, five people were killed as torrential winds caused roofs and walls structures to collapse in different areas of the port city.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the dusty winds have affected the visibility in the city leaving the people's lives disrupted and the system in disorder.

The visibility near the airport was recorded at 500, said the PMD.

According to reports, air pollution has increased in the atmosphere while some people have difficulty breathing.

Strong winds of 35 km per hour are currently blowing in Karachi, and the city temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, PMD said.

Karachi is currently ranked third in the world in terms of air pollution and first in Pakistan, with 224 particulate meters in the metropolis' atmosphere, according to the Air Quality Index.

The Meteorological Department, on the other hand, predicted that due to stormy winds, the city's temperature would drop to a single digit starting today, and that the city would remain under the cold spell until January 27.