Thursday Mar 10 2022
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'We will not tolerate this anymore,' Bilawal chides PM Imran on 'threat' to Zardari

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  • Bilawal tells PM Imran Khan "his generations would remember what I'll do to you.
  • Says PPP considers the attack on Aseefa a message and he will get it investigated.
  • Says massive participation by people made "Awami March" historic.

ISLAMABAD: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday took exception to Prime Minister Imran Khan's remark about having Asif Ali Zardari on his target, saying these "threats" will not be tolerated anymore.

"We will not tolerate this anymore; I am here now," Bilawal said while addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

The PPP chairman said that there have been two such incidents that are unbearable for him — referring to PM Imran Khan's statement and drone incident with Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari.

He said that his family and party has made many sacrifices for Pakistan and the restoration of democracy but they will not tolerate it anymore.

"We consider the attack on Aseefa a message for us," Bilawal alleged.

He requested the ISI and other investigation agencies to probe the matter as he doesn't trust the government on this matter.

Bilawal said that PM Imran Khan "threatening with life and death" was not a joke.

'Not a child anymore'

"I am not a child anymore," Bilawal said in reference to his young age at the time of Benazir Bhutto's assassination.

He said that for those who think that we will get scared and step back, they don't know that Zardari and Benazir's blood flows in my veins.

"What I will do to you will be remembered by your generations."

"We never used guns but we know how to use them," Bilawal said, adding that he is a peaceful person and will remain the same.

"However, we will respond in the same language if they keep pressurising us," he said, referring to the prime minister's "foul language".

"Using foul language will not save PM Imran Khan's seat but he would curse more when he sees position in danger." 

'PM Imran used donations to run his kitchen'

He accused the premier of taking funds from India and Israel, while also blaming PM Imran Khan for using the donations given to Shaukat Khanum Hospital for the PTI.

"You used the donations from the cancer hospital to run your kitchen and your party [...] you are a culprit; a United States court has convicted you," he told the prime minister.

Bilawal also said that he never spoke against First Lady Bushra Bibi, but the reports that he got from the bureaucracy and other institutions suggested that no bureaucrat can be posted in Punjab without first giving "money" to the first lady.

"We are told that your candidate for the chief minister [could not give enough money], but Buzdar invested in the right place — and this problem (Buzdar) is imposed on us till the day," he said.

Bilawal said he was not Zardari, who "says that let his opponents lie as much as they want", as due to their allegations, he would "go to paradise".

"Should we still believe that you are meeting ends by selling your cricketing days' toys [...] Ohh, Imran! the cases that will be filed against you; you have no idea," Bilawal warned the premier.

Bilawal asked the prime minister to pray and ask the first lady to pray that Zardari does not form government again. "We will request Shahbaz Sharif at the right time to appoint an interior minister."

He went on to reprimand PM Imran Khan for using "foul langauge" against JUI-F and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman. 

"Who are you to use such a language against him?"

Taking a jibe at Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed for his latest remarks, Bilawal said that he will request Shahbaz Sharif to appoint a good interior minister when he is elected in the next government.

'People made Awami March historical'

Earlier, he thanked the PPP supporters for joining the "Awami March" he led, saying that their participation has made the march historical.

"The people brought a no-confidence motion against the selected [prime minister] and proved that they stand by the democracy," Bilawal said.

He said that PPP is going to make a democratic attack against the incumbent government which he termed "undemocratic", and he hopes that the no-trust motion against the prime minister would be successful very soon.