US again rejects Imran Khan’s allegations, terms them 'propaganda’

US govt will not let any "propaganda, or lies" harm bilateral relationship with Pakistan, State Department spokesperson says

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US state department spokesperson Ned Price during a regular press briefing. — US State Department website
US state department spokesperson Ned Price during a regular press briefing. — US State Department website

  • US State Department spokesperson once again rejects ex-PM Imran Khan's allegations.
  • Says US govt values its bilateral relationship with Pakistan. 
  • Earlier, Bilawal and Blinken discussed the Afghanistan situation, Ned Price reveals.

The US government on Wednesday once again spurned ex-prime minister Imran Khan’s allegations regarding his ouster, terming it as a "propaganda, misinformation, and lies", Geo News reported.

In April, ex-prime minister Imran Khan was ousted through a no-trust motion and Shehbaz Sharif was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

However, Imran Khan repeatedly blamed the US government for his ouster, claiming that US President Joe Biden's administration was behind the regime change in Pakistan and to prove his rhetoric on US conspiracy he had termed the diplomatic cable as a "threat letter".

According to Khan, the diplomatic cable was a "threat letter" to the Pakistani government sent by the US government, warning Pakistan of dire consequences if he was not removed through a no-trust motion.

Following Khan’s allegations, the US government time and again strongly rejected his allegations

In the wee hours of Wednesday, during a regular press briefing, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price responded to a question that Khan is still blaming US efforts for his ouster from the prime minister's office and leading an anti-American campaign.

“We are not going to let propaganda, allegations, disinformation, and lies harm bilateral relationships, including the one with Pakistan,” Ned Price said.

The State Department spokesperson also responded to the question regarding the telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and US Secretary Antony Blinken.

On Friday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken telephoned Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to congratulate him on becoming the country's new foreign minister.

During the phone call, the two sides discussed strengthening the mutually beneficial and broad-based relationship between Pakistan and the US.

During the latest press briefing, US State Department spokesperson said: “Secretary Blinken did have an opportunity to speak with his new Pakistani counterpart, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, last week on May 6. 

"They had an opportunity to reflect on the 75th anniversary of US-Pakistani relations, to talk about how we can strengthen that cooperation going forward. It is a broad-based bilateral relationship.” 

 “They also discussed ongoing engagement when it comes to our economic ties, trade and investment, climate, energy, health, and education,” Price said, adding that it was a wide-ranging conversation.

According to Price, Bilawal and his US counterpart also discussed the Afghanistan situation.

“The Secretary underscored the resolute and US-Pakistan commitment regarding Afghan stability and to combating terrorism as well,” he added.