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Monday Jun 29, 2015

Karachi heatwave death toll reaches 1,160

Karachi heatwave death toll reaches 1,160
KARACHI: The heatwave continues in the port city as the toll from heat stroke related deaths has risen to 1,160.

Several people are receiving treatment and emergency has been declared at hospitals in the city.

At least 10 people lost their lives since Sunday night in government and private hospitals.

During the last seven days 351 bodies have been brought to the Jinnah Hospital, 170 to Civil, 190 to Abbasi Shaheed, 30 to KMC hospitals, 20 to Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, 25 to Sindh Government Korangi General Hospital, 39 to Indus, 55 to three branches of Ziauddin, 68 to Liaqat National, 39 to Sindh Government Qatar, 30 to Aga Khan, 23 to Memon Medical and 40 to Patel Hospital.

This year´s heatwave has also coincided with the start of the holy month of Ramazan.

The majority of the deaths in Karachi have been among the elderly, the poor and manual labourers who toil outdoors.

Doctor Qaiser Sajjad of the Pakistan Medical Association in Karachi said that a lack of understanding of heatstroke among the public -- how to spot symptoms and treat them -- had contributed to the deaths.

"The main reason was a lack of awareness among the public -- no-one knew how to cope in such a situation," Dr Sajjad said.

The situation has not been helped by power cuts -- a regular feature of life in Pakistan -- which have stopped fans and air conditioners from working and interrupted Karachi´s water supply.

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