Saturday Jul 02 2022
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Alleged audio reveals Bushra Bibi instructing PTI's Dr Arsalan Khalid to run traitor trends on social media

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  • Bushra Bibi could be heard telling Dr Arsalan Khalid that Imran Khan asked him to run traitor hashtag on social media.
  • Dr Khalid tells former first lady that PTI's social media team would runs campaigns labelling those against PTI as traitors.
  • Bushra Bibi asks Dr Khalid to label people maligning her, Imran Khan and friend Farah Khan as traitors.

With the political situation heating up, new alleged audio of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi has emerged in which she is instructing the Focal Person to PTI Chairman on Digital Media Dr Arsalan Khalid to run trends declaring people as traitors.

As per the audio, initially, the former first lady had expressed her disappointment with Dr Arsalan Khalid for the PTI’s social media team not being active these days. She also said that Dr Khalid and his team had run the traitor hashtag on social media on the instructions of former prime minister Imran Khan.

“Imran Khan asked you to [run] the traitor hashtag, so many people called, your social media was active and it has not been active for a week. Why is it [like this], beta?” asked Bushra.

Before Dr Khalid could explain himself, Bushra told him to let go of what happened, she then shared with him that Aleem Khan and others would speak up against Imran Khan, her, and her friend Farah Khan.

“They will create so many stories and will share people’s statements as well, you do not need to create an issue out of this [but] call them traitors on [social media],” directed the former first lady, to which Dr Khalid responded in the affirmative.

“Aleem Khan and others will [be] speaking out as per a plan, so you have to link them with traitor [hashtag]. You have to raise the [threat] letter on social media and say that we know the letter is authentic. We know that they gathered to betray [the country] and to save themselves they have joined the traitors,” Bushra instructed Dr Khalid.

After issuing the instructions, the former first lady asked Dr Khalid to instruct his team to take up the issue of the government not buying oil from Russia and link it with how Imran Khan was being betrayed.

“Now you have to ensure that [this issue] does not die down,” said Bushra. She instructed the former focal person of the prime minister on digital media to make a trend so people know that the country and Imran Khan are being betrayed.

“The other thing that I wanted to say to you, Arsalan, is that they will say a lot of things about Farah and me. You have to link that with traitor [hashtag],” said Bushra.

To this, Dr Khalid said: “Yes, all right we will do it by [saying] that they are doing all this because they are traitors.”

The former first lady said then told Dr Khalid that people were worried about how Imran Khan had knowledge about everything even before they come out in the open.

“You understand, but I am only telling you these things, however, you do not need to share this issue with anyone. They are after him because of this. [But] what you have to do is that you have to link with this with the traitor [hashtag],” said Bushra.

Ever since Imran Khan came to power rumours were rife about the former first lady’s involvement in politics. Reports had claimed that Bushra had played a crucial role in Usman Buzdar’s appointment as Punjab chief minister to the removal of cabinet members

However, the PTI had constantly maintained that Bushra is a private person and has no involvement in politics.