Tuesday Oct 18 2022
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Backdoor talks have always failed, Sheikh Rashid says after Imran Khan admits 'backchannel' is open

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Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. -APP/File
Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. -APP/File

  • Sheikh Rashid issues statement after Imran Khan's revelation.
  • Says govt not doing anything to resolve circular debt issue.
  • Months of October and November are decisive, says AML chief

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Tuesday said that backdoor talks have always failed, a day after PTI Chairman Imran Khan conceded that backchannel is open.

Taking to Twitter, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, “backdoor talks have always failed” without sharing further details in this regard or referring to Imran Khan’s comments he made while speaking at a press conference in Islamabad.

Replying to a question, the PTI chairman said talks were taking place, and, at the same time, not. The reason for that was that Nawaz Sharif wanted the election to be delayed; Nawaz and Zardari were doing politics of the 1990s, but their time was over now, he added.

“PDM has run away from elections after the by-polls results. The difficulty with which Nawaz Sharif got out of the country, he will not come back that easily,” he tweeted and slammed the Shahbaz Sharif government for expanding the cabinet and not solving the circular-debt issue.

In an indirect reference to an important appointment in November, the Awami Muslim League chief said the months of October and November are decisive.

The statement from the former premier who has blamed the establishment for his ouster from the PM Office through a no-confidence motion triggered a new debate in political circles.

It was also reported earlier that he had a meeting with an influential figure recently at the President House but nothing came out of it.

Boosted by the results of Sunday’s by-election, Imran Khan contended that it was not an election but a referendum and people came out to vote, which proved that they did not accept this assembly and wanted new elections in the country.

Imran also alleged that these people (rulers) would lead the country towards destruction but would not announce elections.

“So I am giving them time again, but march will not go beyond October. From now onwards, I will announce the date any time in October, giving them time not to destroy the country while protecting themselves,” he added.

He said dialogue was out of the question with the ruling elite.

“There are no negotiations with thieves. You can hold reconciliation talks with the Baloch or Sindhi nationalists, but not with the felons like them,” Khan added after Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s offer of conditional talks.