Journalist Absa Komal thinks viral video content creators disrupt merit procedure

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Absa Komal speaks against viral video culture
Absa Komal speaks against viral video culture 

Absa Komal is a well-known journalist and she has spoken against the viral video creators getting rewards culture. 

At a recent conference during a panel discussion she talked about how viral video content creators interrupt a process based on merit.

Viral clips are a staple in Pakistani media. Content creators has taken over the industry and whenever a clip gets viral, the creator gets rewarded with big projects. One such example is of Dananeer who got viral through her ‘Pawri Horai Hai’, she was later awarded with projects. Recently, viral girl who danced on Lata Mangeshkar’s famous song Mera Dil Ye Pukaare Aaja, got a few modelling gigs after her viral video.

Absa shed light on how there are students’ working day and night to build a career in acting or anything related to entertainment, they work consistently to achieve what viral video content creators get without any merit procedure. This is a wrong practice and it should be ceased.