Friday, December 16, 2022
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'Assemblies' early dissolution may lead to govt victimisation', Moonis tells Imran

PML-Q demands seat adjustment in 25 constituencies with the PTI, say sources

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Ch Moonis Elahi and Ch Hussain Elahi meet Chairman PTI Imran Khan at his Lahore residence on Thursday. -PTI
Ch Moonis Elahi and Ch Hussain Elahi meet Chairman PTI Imran Khan at his Lahore residence on Thursday. -PTI

  • PML-Q fears govt my victimise them if assemblies are dissolved ahead of completing its tenure.
  • PML-Q gives powers to Imran Khan for making a final decision on assembly dissolution.
  • Moonis, however, suggests Khan it is not appropriate time for dissolution of assemblies.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)-led government can victimise the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid leadership if the assemblies are dissolved earlier than the original schedule, PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi told PTI chief Imran Khan, Geo News reported citing sources.

The development came Thursday during a meeting of a PML-Q delegation, headed by former federal minister Moonis, with Khan in Lahore as political activity heats up in the country ahead of the dissolution of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab assemblies.

“You are authorised to make a final decision [on assembly dissolution],” Elahi conveyed the message of Parvez Elahi to the PTI chairman, the well-placed sources unfold the inside story of the meeting.

The PML-Q leader reassured the former premier that the assembly would be dissolved whenever the latter asks. Elahi, however, suggested that it was not the appropriate time for the dissolution of the assemblies.

The PML-Q leader apprised Khan that the majority of his party’s lawmaker wants the continuation of development work in their concerned areas.

He added that the development work is underway in the constituencies, and the majority of the members also want the same.

The sources privy to the matter said that PML-Q had demanded seat adjustment in 25 constituencies with the PTI before the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly.

Maintaining its separate identity, the PML-Q wants to go with the PTI in electoral politics, the sources said.

'Only rule of law can steer country out of crisis'

Earlier today, Imran Khan said that only the rule of law can take the country out of the quagmire.

Addressing the “Rule of Law Conference” via video link, Khan said no country can be prosperous until rule of law prevails.

Berating the coalition government, the PTI leader said that the supremacy of law was ruined during the past eight months. 

Taking a jibe at the rulers, the former prime minister said: “People have a misconception that you will become an economic tiger.”

Moving on to the country’s financial crisis, the PTI chairman said that Pakistan is facing unprecedented economic challenges. He added that the country has never faced such a situation.

Disappointed with the country’s situation, over 0.75 million Pakistanis have left the country during the past eight months, Khan claimed.

Referring to the alleged NRO II to the leadership of the ruling alliance and quashing corruption cases giant them, the deposed premier urged lawyers to perform their responsibility for the sake of the country.

‘Nobody is sacred in the country’

Referring to a segment of society who feels as if they are above the law, Imran Khan said that nobody is “sacred” in the country, adding that everyone should be under the law.

Currently, the “rule of power” prevails in the country instead of the “rule of law”, he added.

Khan also said that the “rule of law” provides equal opportunities to the citizens.