Friday, December 16, 2022

Another audio leak of Bushra Bibi over Toshakhana gifts comes to fore

Bushra Bibi can be allegedly heard grumbling at Bani Gala's ex-administrator for taking photos of Toshakhana gifts

In these file photos, former administrator of Bani Gala Inam Khan (left) and PTI Chairman Imran Khans wife, Bushra Bibi, can be seen. — GeoNews/Instagram/File
In these file photos, former administrator of Bani Gala Inam Khan (left) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan's wife, Bushra Bibi, can be seen. — GeoNews/Instagram/File
  • Bushra Bibi chides Bani Gala's ex-administrator.
  • She was frustrated about photos being taken of gifts.
  • Bushra tells ex-administrator to not take photos again.

Another alleged audio leak of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's wife, Bushra Bibi, over the Toshakhana gifts has come to the fore in which she can be heard talking to the former administrator of the ex-prime minister's Bani Gala residence.

The former first lady can be purportedly heard talking to the ex-administrator, identified as Inam Khan, for taking photos of the Toshakhana gifts coming into Bani Gala.

This is the former first lady's second audio related to Toshakhana that has surfaced. In the first one, she could purportedly be heard speaking to PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari about selling the watches gifted to Khan as "they were of no use to him".

Bushra could be allegedly heard chiding Inam and instructing him to not take photos of the "things" coming inside their house and to only snap pictures of the "things" that are being taken out.

"From now onwards, you will not enter [my] house and stay where you are with those pictures," the ex-first lady told the ex-Bani Gala administrator.

Talking to Geo News, the former administrator confirmed that this was his audio. "Yes, I was the one who spoke to Bushra Bibi about the Toshakhana gifts."

Audio leaks of prominent figures — from the government and the opposition — have been surfacing in the last few months and have shaken the country. 

The audio leaks have ranged from the former prime minister and his aides' conversation about the alleged US-backed "threat letter" and the incumbent government ministers' conversation related to their strategy on countering PTI's moves.


Bushra Bibi: Hello!

Inaam: Assalamo alaikum.

Bushra Bibi: Waalaikum salam. About the items that came from the Toshakhana, did you ask Asfer to make its photographs?

Inaam: No, I didn’t ask.

Bushra Bibi: Then why were the photographs made? Photos of things that come inside the house shouldn’t be made. Photos should only be made of the things going outside the house.

Inaam: It was just that…

Bushra Bibi: Why are photos being made of things which are coming to me?

Inaam: No, I… I didn’t ask to…

Bushra: He said Inaam has asked me and I’ve sent those to him.

Inaam: No no no… I didn’t…

Bushra: Please hold.

Inaam: Sure.

Bushra to Asfer: Did you send the photos to Inaam?

Inaam: He has sent it, but I never asked

Bushra to Asfer: Did Inaam tell you to make photographs?

Bushra: What? What?

Bushra to Asfer: Who asked for the photos to be made? Who? Why? Who… what evidence? Photos of things coming inside the house can’t be made because they were coming to me. Photos should be made of things going outside the house. Who makes photos of things coming inside the house? Proof of what? Why… why do you need to approve anything? Did you ask me? Did you ask me?

Asfer: Sorry jee.

Bushra to Asfer: What do you mean by sorry jee? Did you ask me? You people have made a mockery of this house. The MS is trusting us. He didn’t make any photos, who are you to make the photos?

Bushra Bibi to Inaam: And why has he sent you the photos?

Inaam: Bibi, I don’t know. I just received the photos that we’ve received these things and we’re sending them inside. I said okay, give it to Bibi, she’ll deal with it.

Bushra: What’s the point of this?

Inaam: Bibi, what are we going to do with the photos or…

Bushra: No, what would you do? what would you do? You won’t be coming inside the house from now on? Do you get it?

Inaam: Okay.

Bushra: Stay where you are sitting with the photos.

Inaam: Okay.