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Ali Amin Gandapur's audio over release of funds 'leaked'

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PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur addresses a press conference. — APP/File
 PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur addresses a press conference. — APP/File

  • Gandapur confirms audio was indeed his.
  • He asks who is leaking audios.
  • PTI leader says was speaking to P&D official.

After a brief break, another audio leak has surfaced in which Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ali Amin Gandapur can be purportedly heard discussing the release of funds with a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government official.

The audio was shared on Twitter by an unidentified account late Thursday night, with the former federal minister confirming today (Friday) that the audio was indeed real.

"My audio leak with the concerned P&D official about releases of my ongoing developmental schemes to the govt official account is real not fake or tempered but who is leaking and monitoring our privacy and also with fake audio and videos playing the dirty games (shame on them)," said Gandapur in a tweet.

What did Gandapur say?

In Pashto: [Incomprehensible]

Unidentified person: Walikum salam, very good, sir, everything fine?

Gandapur: Thanks to Allah. Mr CM said the release had come but you haven’t sent me anything, so far.

Person: We did send the release. In the last release we did. There hasn’t been any release right now.

Gandapur: [inaudible] You haven’t sent anything.

Person: Sir, on your request we sent you Rs160 million in the release that happened last week. Rs 160 million. There has been no new release.

Gandapur: How much is mine? Are they mine?

Person: I will tell the boy — Latif — to send you. Rs160 million is yours not anyone else. That’s your money.

Gandapur: Okay. Secondly, our case has gone to finance. Rs250 million is mine and Rs250 million is Mr CM’s.

Person: Okay, sir.

Gandapur: Finance [inaudible] had invited you to go and meet them. These were unplanned money for relief. Mr CM said to close this in our DG’s account and close it with relief and bring it into your account in finance. He said to send Rs250 million to my constituency in Swat and send Rs250 million to Ali Amin in DG Khan.

Person: Okay, sir.

Gandapur: Do a follow-up on it. And send me this Rs160 million that you are saying.

Person: We are sending Rs160 million. Secondly, I’m telling you that finance people are not listening to us these days. We have been trying since yesterday with P&D and they had a meeting with the CM today as well. InshAllah, I will ask about the position of your case. This Rs160 million I will send this. I will ask the boy.

Gandapur: This 160 million is of last week or the one that happened 15-20 days ago. That was separate.

Person: The one that happened 10-15 days ago. It didn’t happen after that.

Gandapur: It happened 2-3 days ago as well.

Person: No, no that didn’t happen. They have sent a letter to the DCs to send us the demand. They haven’t been released. They have been stopped. When the government changed they stopped it. Not even a single rupee has been released.

Gandapur: Okay, add Rs100 million in my [constituency] in DG Khan.

Person: Okay, sir we have added yours. [incomprehensible]