Prince William has 'blanked out' Prince Harry, 'no way back' for brothers

Prince William does not want to engage with Prince Harry

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Prince William has ensured there is no way back for Prince Harry amid absence from birthday wish.

The Prince of Wales who snubbed his younger brother on his special day, has ‘blanked out’ the Duke of Sussex due to rift.

Ms Bond told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine: “There is no way back for the brothers. I just can’t see it.

“Because of these entrenched positions and the fact Harry has visited the UK without either of them, as far as we know, lifting a finger to phone or text or meet up, I really can’t see them mending the rift any time soon."

He adds: “William is hurt so deeply that I think he probably just blanks Harry out of his mind most of the time. He has moved on with his life, and I guess so has Harry.”

William and Harry’s rift began moment after the latter quit UK to be with wife Meghan Markle in the US.