Wednesday, October 18, 2023
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TikToker Dolly found involved in tax evasion

PRA spokesperson says Dolly runs a beauty salon in Lahore's Gulberg and was evading taxes to provincial kitty

Our Correspondent
TikToker Nosheen Saeed also known as Dolly. — Instagram/dollyofficial1
 TikToker Nosheen Saeed also known as Dolly. — Instagram/dollyofficial1

LAHORE: Famous TikToker Nosheen Saeed also known as Dolly has been found guilty of not paying Rs16 million tax, reported The News.

As per the publication, the Punjab Revenue Authority have attached the bank accounts of the TikToker and recovered Rs4.4 million tax.

The PRA is also mulling whether it should attach the properties owned by Dolly for the recovery of the remaining tax amount.

A PRA spokesperson said that Nosheen Saeed runs a beauty salon in Gulberg but was evading taxes to the provincial kitty.

The notices were served but the TikToker did not submit the due taxes to the PRA.

However, after repeated notices and non-response from the social media star, PRA Commissioner Misbah Nawaz ordered the recovery of the taxes from the TikToker.

Last year, TikToker Dolly came to the limelight after one of her controversial videos went viral on social media.

In the footage, two young people could be seen setting a forest on fire at Margalla Hills to add a "dramatic effect" to their TikTok video.

The Islamabad Police had registered a case against Dolly for setting fires in the Margalla forest on the complaint of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under the wildlife and environment protection laws, after a video of the TikToker, posing against the background of a forest set ablaze, went viral.

The TikToker, however, denied the accusations and claimed that she had no involvement in setting any forest ablaze.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Dolly posted a clarification video claiming that she has no involvement in setting any forest ablaze.

"I'm forced to make this video to say that social media has disappointed me a lot by making a video viral without finding out facts about it and creating issues for celebrities," the TikToker said in the video.

She said that reality was totally different from what was being claimed with regard to the video.

Dolly challenged the viewers to investigate her travel history, saying that she has not been to National Park Kohsar in years.

The social media personality then explained what the video actually showed.

She said that she was travelling on the motorway on her way back from Haripur after taking a makeup class when she saw "the scenario" and stopped to make a video for TikTok.

Later, Dolly posted a video — apparently, from the day she shot the controversial TikTok video, in which she could be seen standing against the background of some burning bushes while a man could also be seen standing beside her.