Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan on 'Dunki': 'This is close to my heart'

Shah Rukh Khan wants fans to watch ‘Dunki’ because it was his ‘best film’

Shah Rukh Khan on Dunki: This is close to my heart
Shah Rukh Khan on 'Dunki': 'This is close to my heart'

Shah Rukh is on a trip to promote his much-awaited Dunki. In one of the interactions with fans, the superstar called the movie his “best film.”

“So when I made Jawan, I thought I made a film for boys and girls but I didn’t make anything for myself, then I made Dunki,” he shared.

The megastar continued, “So this is my film. This film is very close to my heart. When I was doing Pathaan, many people who write about films, those who apparently know about films more than the filmmakers, were saying what kind of roles I was doing, so I really felt that I should do films that come from my heart and this includes all the films that I did this year.''

Reflecting on his successful year, SRK said, “I started the year with Pathaan, which was always ladies first, and I want to end the year with a film for myself. So, please watch Dunki on December 21."

Adding, "Everyone will find something in the film that will touch their heart. The film will make you laugh also.”

At one point of promotion, King Khan described Dunki in three words, “Rajkumar Hirani”, “My best film,” “Please watch on 21st [December].”