Oil pipeline fire doused after hours-long operation in Rawalpindi

No casualties reported as rescue and fire brigade contained fire in residential area

  • Over 12 rescue officials are busy in firefighting operation.
  • They are trying to control fire, rescue officials say.
  • A house catches fire following explosion in oil pipeline.

RAWALPINDI: A huge blaze that broke out on a pipeline of oil refinery in a Rawalpindi’s Dhamial village was contained following three hours-long rescue operation, an official said.

Rescue officials said as per the initial information, the huge fire engulfed a house in the residential area.

They said six emergency vehicles including three fire tenders took part in the rescue operation to put out the fire.

However, no casualties were reported as the area's residents were safely evacuated from their homes. Thick smoke could be seen billowing from the affected house.

The rescue officials said more than 12 rescue officials took part in the firefighting operation. They managed to contain the fire after three hours-long firefighting operation, they maintained.

“Rescue and fire brigade personnel are present at the spot. Oil spilled due to a burst in the supply line, efforts to control the fire are underway,” rescue officials said.

During the operation, the fire re-erupted after it was doused before completely dying down. They said the relevant organisations were told to shut down the oil supply in the pipeline.

The pipeline’s bursting has spilled oil in the area’s street spreading a malodorous odour. An additional contingent of police has also been called in the area.

After more than three hours, rescue officials said the fire was contained and a cooling process was underway at the site of the incident.

Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha said oil pipelines passed through the residential area. The affected house was abandoned and somebody tried to steal oil by puncturing the pipeline during which the fire erupted, he added.

The commissioner said the oil refinery was sent a letter before as well to remove the pipelines from the residential area.

“Now we will make a permanent policy on the matter. The area where the pipeline passes through is empty but people have built houses alongside it,” he said.

Chatha said no life loss took place as the rescue officials reached the spot on time.