Queen Camilla would be 'massive support' to King Charles after cancer diagnosis

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Queen Camilla would be ‘massive support’ to King Charles after cancer diagnosis
Queen Camilla would be ‘massive support’ to King Charles after cancer diagnosis

Britain’s King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer days after the monarch underwent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement.

According to reports, the diagnosis will prolong a frontline shortage of royals created by his prostate procedure and the almost simultaneous hospitalisation of his beloved daughter-in-law Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

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Kate left hospital on the same day as Charles following a stay of around two weeks and may not return to public duties until late March after abdominal surgery.

Prince William had also stepped back temporarily from planned engagements to help care for their children, although he is expected to return to royal duties this week.

Amid these royal health worries, Queen Camilla emerged as the most visible face of the royal family.

Reacting to it, royal expert Joe Little believes Camilla would be a "massive support" to her husband.

The royal expert, according to AFP, went on saying, "Camilla has shown for a long time, and we´re very aware now, that she is famed as the power behind the throne."

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Joe Little further said the royal family took a "business as usual" approach when it came to personal health matters.

He said, "I think they are keeping calm and carrying on, as they would be expected to."