Zack Snyder adds new details in Tom Cruise's ‘Watchman' offer

Zack Snyder reveals Tom Cruise near-exit with ‘Watchman’ has to do with casting dispute

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Zack Snyder adds new details in Tom Cruises ‘Watchman offer
Zack Snyder adds new details in Tom Cruise's ‘Watchman' offer

Tom Cruise was in talks to be part of Watchman but talks broke down. Now, the film director Zack Snyder revealed what caused the disagreement.

Amid the promotions of Rebel Moon Part Two, the DC filmmaker told the Happy Sad Confused Podcast that the Mission Impossible star had set eyes on a character that was at odds what he imagined for him.

"I wanted Tom Cruise for Ozymandias. Tom wanted to play Rorschach. He wanted to play Rorschach, which I mean, obviously he could have done,” Zack said.

He continued, “But yeah, we had Jackie [Earle Haley] already, and Jackie is like, unbelievable. But I certainly would have considered Tom, in retrospect if I hadn't had Jackie."

Decades ago, Zack told CHUD about the near-involvement of Tom in the Watchman.

"He was interested," he shared in 2007. "I did talk to him about it for a while."

In the meantime, Zack’s much-anticipated sequel of Rebel Moon has released on Netflix on April 19.