Karachi 'feels like' temperature to reach 42°C today

"A slight improvement in the weather is expected by the evening," says weather analyst

Shawwala Aslam
Zarmeen Zehra
Residents of Hyderabad drink juice to quench their thirst as city experiences hot weather on May 10, 2024. — PPI

KARACHI: The residents of the port city will experience an increase in summer heat with the feel-like temperature to fluctuate between 40 to 42 degrees Celsius.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), weather in Karachi will likely remain hot and humid during the next 24 hours with maximum temperature will be between 35°C to 37°C, while minimum temperature will be recorded at 27.3°C.

Winds in the city, as per the Met Office, are blowing at a speed of 11 kilometres per hour, while humidity is 70%. It added that Karachiites will feel extreme heat due to more moisture in the air.

"A slight improvement in the weather is expected by the evening," said weather analyst Jawwad Memon, adding that the atmosphere is likely to remain partly cloudy in the evening.

Meanwhile, PMD has also warned a possibility of an increase in the temperature across the country due to heatwave this month.

The Met Office said that the weather will be hot and dry in most parts of the country throughout this week, while it will be "very hot" in the southern regions.

The meteorological department said the intensity of heat in Islamabad has not yet increased due to the rains in April and May, but the upcoming days are going to be very hot.

Meteorology Department's Director General Mahr Sahibzad Khan said more than normal rains will be recorded in Pakistan this year, which is likely to affect Sindh and Balochistan the most.

From now on, he said, the temperature will start increasing due to which the areas in South Punjab will also be under the influence of heatwave.

Meteorologists have advised citizens to cover their heads and drink plenty of water to keep themselves safe during the heatwave.