Zayn Malik admits wickedly crying during daughter Khair's TV time

Zayn Malik talks about getting emotional during daughter Khai’s cartoon time

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Zayn Malik admits wickedly crying during daughter Khair’s TV time

Zayn Malik has just tugged at heartstrings with his candid admission about crying whenever his daughter is watching cartoons.

The former One Direction member weighed in on everything during behind-the-scenes clips from NYLON.

All the clips are from his candid interview Pillowtalk and features some personal admissions.

“I'm actually quite a sensitive guy,” and “I cry a lot at movies” the 31-year-old singer began by telling the outlet.”

He was even asked what movie he cried over the last time and his response was, “probably a Disney film” considering he watches a lot of them with his 3 and a half year old daughter Khai.

For those unversed, Zayn shares one daughter with model Gigi Hadid.

“They hit hard, my man; it’s not a joke. Disney knows what they’re doing,” he also said. “I actually I cried at a cartoon, I don’t know if it's familiar with people. It's called Bluey. It’s for kids.”

Even now he admits “It makes me cry regularly. I don't know why.”

Most times Zyan and Khai, “see Disney on Ice or we go see the Nickelodeon theme park.”

He also made some admissions about his split parenting decisions during the cover story and added, “I only have my daughter 50% of the time,” but “would have her 90% if I could” amid his quiet farm life.