Jelly Roll walks 'the halls' of high school he was 'never allowed back'

Jelly Roll visited his old high school where he was welcomed by students and teachers

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Bunnie Xo just expressed how proud she is of her husband, Jelly Roll, despite the fact she lost her father recently.

On Monday, May 13, 2024, the country musician’s wife took to her official TikTok account featuring Jelly Roll returning to Antioch High School in Tennessee.

Jelly Roll’s visit comes years after he was told he would "never be allowed back" during his time as a student.

"I got the call about my dad passing on the way to this appearance," wrote the Dumb Blonde podcast host across the clip of the Son of a Sinner crooner visiting his old alma mater.

"They told my husband he would never be allowed back into his high school when he was younger," added Bunnie referencing Jelly Roll’s multiple arrests over drug charges, with him first being arrested when he was only 14.

"Last week I got to watch him walk the halls again, perform & be welcomed by the kids & teachers. The love and giving back that they showed my husband was the sweetest thing ever to watch," Bunnie Xo added.