Britney Spears needs another conservatorship urgently: Sources

Britney Spears' inner circle claims that she's letting felon boyfriend Paul Soliz take charge of her life

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Britney Spears needs another conservatorship urgently: Sources

Britney Spears needs to be placed under conservatorship once again, according to her family and friends.

As per TMZ, sources have claimed that her loved ones are afraid for the pop star’s future as they admit that it has been impossible to reason with her about her “erratic behaviour.”

According to them, Britney hasn’t been taking her mental health medication and has been continuing to drink and take other drugs, sparking fears of a relapse given her history with addiction.

Moreover, the tipster also claimed that she is letting her felon boyfriend Paul Soliz to “run her household and her life.” Her inner circle claims that it’s nearly impossible to reason with her as her “mood swings often turn into rages that end in physical violence.”

“Her mental health is in a tailspin. We fear the only way forward is to place the mother-of-two under another conservatorship,” a source told the outlet.

They continued, “There are times we're told it's impossible to communicate with her because she can't engage in rational conversation.”

Previously, Britney called her family out in an Instagram post, saying, “My family hurt me!!! There has been no justice and probably never will be!!! The people who sat and did absolutely nothing when they did that for four months are smooth sailing!!!”