Kevin Costner ‘confident but cautious' regarding ‘giant gamble'

Kevin Costner is reportedly headed for a big win after leaving the blockbuster show 'Yellowstone'

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Kevin Costner ‘confident but cautious regarding ‘giant gamble
Photo: Kevin Costner ‘confident but cautious’ regarding ‘giant gamble’

Kevin Costner is reportedly optimistic about his new project, Horizon.

As per the new findings of In Touch Weekly, the Yellowstone star left the blockbuster show for a 'good reason' as he plans to make his new movie a global success.

A source recently shared, “Horizon is his magnum opus and lays out a truly epic story that Kevin believes people are hungry for. The idea is to repeat what happened with Dances With Wolves 33 years ago: let everybody laugh and make fun until they see the actual movie and are moved to tears.”

“This really is make or break in more ways than one and Kevin is confident but cautious as he prepares to show the film world elite the first chapter of his vision,” the source continued.

They also explained, “It’s a giant kick in the pants for the movie just to have that many people on the ground in France talking it up and supporting Kevin’s efforts.”

“But this is still a giant gamble and Kevin knows it. He walked away from the biggest TV show in the world [Yellowstone] to make these movies happen and he’s getting judged on the biggest stage imaginable,” they said of the legendary acting sensation, who just finalized his divorce from his wife of 19 years, Christene Baumgartner.

Conclusively, the insider remarked, “He has a great life and a family that loves him but I wouldn’t want to be him right now — too much pressure and way too many chips on the table!”