Selena Gomez chooses boyfriend over die-hard fans

Selena Gomez opens up about the harsh reaction to her romance and how it didn't affect her

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Selena Gomez chooses boyfriend over die-hard fans
Selena Gomez chooses boyfriend over die-hard fans

Love of fans can be toxic sometimes, and that's what Selena Gomez is hinting at when she says she is unbothered by some of them talking ill about her boyfriend Benny Blanco.

In an interview with TIME, the Only Murders in the Building star addressed the reaction from a section of her fanbase about her romance that was not exactly pleasant.

"I know what people can do to people I love," she said. "My own fans, who I adore and feel like have shaped who I am, will say the most hurtful things to me about how I live my life. But he has the strength in him that none of that noise fazes him."

She continued, "It's really impressive, and I just cherish every moment with him. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that he's not going anywhere any time soon."

Selena, however, assured the public she was not fearful of being alone. "I was alone for five years, and I got really used to it," the Who Says singer noted. 

"A lot of people are afraid of being alone, and I probably tortured myself in my head for like two years being alone, and then I kind of accepted it."

Selena and Benny have known each other for years and also have collaborated on projects.

But, the closeness between them was confirmed by the Love On crooner last year in December by liking a fan account post about them.