Miley Cyrus sheds light on Beyoncé friendship

Miley Cyrus gives an insight into her strong bond with Beyoncé as she opens up abour their relationship

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Miley Cyrus sheds light on Beyoncé friendship

Beyoncé is one of Miley Cyrus' biggest inspirations as she opens up about her relationship with the pop icon.

In a chat with My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, she said, “Now, just from seeing her, I’ve created, like, a relationship, maybe, a bit more in-depth," she said

“We haven’t ever had this conversation, so now maybe you and I may be more friends than I’m friends with Beyoncé, but Beyoncé and I have just the kindness and the consistency of everything."

Miley similarly sheds light on a performance she does with big stars including Queen Bey.

"I was, like, sandwiched between Rihanna and Queen Bey, and they’re fully grown up, gorgeous, probably similar to my age now,” she recalled the 2008 charity single Just Stand Up performance.

“Towering over me, completely stunning," adding, "I’m like, super small, have acne, have braces on the back of my teeth, and I’m standing next to Mariah Carey, who is dripping in diamonds. And Beyoncé was so kind to me."