Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez have another sneaky meetup amid marital woes

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are going through marriage troubles since May

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez have another sneaky meetup amid marital woes

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again got together amid marital woes.

The songstress, according to Daily Mail, arrived at his Brentwood rental on Saturday as she was seen sitting in the passenger seat of her Mercedes outside his $100k-a-month residence.

After an hour, Jennifer was seen leaving the house without Ben and headed for the next destination.

Her appearance comes after Ben was seen arriving at their $60M L.A. mansion earlier in the day and the two spent some time together there as well.

After he returned home, his ex wife Jennifer Garner, who is trying to fix the couple’s marriage, paid him a visit.

However, Garner’s boyfriend John Miller doesn’t like the fact that she is playing the middleman for her ex husband and J Lo.

“He cares deeply for Ben and sympathizes with what he is going through with Jennifer, but that doesn't mean Jen should be the one to fix her ex-husband's issues with his current wife. That makes no sense to anyone,” an insider previously told Daily Mail.

They added, “Jen is such a caring and wonderful woman and mother and there is nothing but a deep friendship and bond between her and Ben.”

“John wants nothing more than for Ben to be okay, but it isn't his girlfriend's responsibility to babysit him. That is for Ben to figure out on his own and for his wife to handle. It isn't Jen's responsibility, and he has told her this,” the insider concluded.