Creed decides to reissue hit 1999 album, 'Human Clay'

Creed released their successful album, 'Human Clay' on July 24, 1999

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Creed decides to reissue hit 1999 album, 'Human Clay'

Creed just gathered for a reunion and have decided to reissue one of their top albums.

The rock band is set to reissue their 1999 hit album, Human Clay which is slated for a August 16 release.

This news comes after the band featured alternate versions of their tracks Higher and With Arms Wide Open as well as a rendition of The Doors' Roadhouse Blues.

To top it all off, there is also going to be an entire never-before-released live show which was recorded in San Antonio, TX back in 1999.

The potential lead guitarist for Creed, Mark Tremonti stated in an interview with Ethan Dometrius that they had been working on some new matter in around 2012.

"We were trying to get this back together about three years ago, right before COVID hit, so it kind of took things till now,” he stated.

Creed’s member and the One Last Breath rocker added, “But it's always something in the back of our minds. Every time we get going and we're doing promotions for new projects, everybody always asks us about new Creed music, new Creed tours.”