Chrissy Teigen reveals her favorite parenting resource ‘Technology'

The model discussed integrating technology into her children's lives for both educational and recreational purposes

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Chrissy Teigen reveals her favorite parenting resource ‘Technology’
Chrissy Teigen reveals her favorite parenting resource ‘Technology’

Chrissy Teigen opened up about using learning apps and technology to keep her kids entertained and occupied.

In a recent interview with People magazine on her partnership with T-Mobile, the 38-year-old model talked about the use of technology in her parenting.

During her jam-packed traveling routine, the mom of four and her husband John Legend keep their kids busy with their favorite parenting resources.

Chrissy said to the outlet, "We do a lot of learning apps for them that we think are great.”

"We're finding it to be a really wonderful addition to the other things she gets to do. And yeah, it's technology, but it's really wonderful for her,” she added.

The Cravings by Chrissy Teigen founder went on to say, "Honestly, I'm all for technology. I know a lot of people have big reactions to iPad time or TV time and things like that."

Moreover, she also revealed that she being a game fanatic also plays games with her 6-year-old son, Miles.

"He just kind of discovered that world, and I find it to be really interesting because I grew up gaming," Chrissy said, adding, "I still game. I still have my Nintendo Switch ... I grew up being online and I grew up with a lot of games, so I don't mind them having fun with things like that too."