Justin Timberlake reacts to viral 'intoxicated' clip after DWI arrest

Insiders say Justin Timberlake was 100% sober after alleged under the influence viral video

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Justin Timberlake reacts to viral intoxicated’ clip after DWI arrest
Justin Timberlake reacts to viral 'intoxicated’ clip after DWI arrest

After his DWI arrest, Justin Timberlake was licking his wounds but then came another controversy that saw him allegedly under the influence. However, sources close to him strongly denied this.

The response comes on the heels of a clip first uploaded on Tiktok of his Vegas concert in May, which saw what many called signs of intoxication after he was filmed with bleary and red eyes.

The resurfaced video went so viral that the Grammy winner's presumably team told TMZ that it is "simply over-analyzed way too much by folks looking to unfairly condemn the guy."

The insiders double down on Justin's sober state at the time of the concert as they point out the pop icon to be "always focused and clear-headed at all his shows," adding, "despite what people think they see in this footage."

The viral clip, which resurfaced, came at a time when Justin was facing humiliation for his arrest for drunk driving.