WhatsApp rolls out context cards for enhanced group chat security

Meta's instant messaging app announces new feature to protect users from widespread online group scam

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This image shows an illustration of WhatsApps new feature. — Meta
This image shows an illustration of WhatsApp's new feature. — Meta

Have you ever received an invite to join a group on WhatsApp by someone you didn’t know?

Well, not anymore because Meta's instant messaging app has made some tweaks to its group invites and is back again with another exciting new feature that will end this problem.

WhatsApp is rolling out "context cards" that will be displayed when you get an invite to join a group from a user of the app you don’t already know.

The context card will give you some more background on what the group is about and why you're being recruited to join. It will also display the group's creation date, a summary of its focus, and the person initially behind its formation.

While this information may not be much, it might be just enough to jog your memory and figure out if you know the user who invited you to the group, Android Authority reported.

The new feature also protects you from widespread online group scam as they can always report, block the group or leave the group immediately, if you still can't figure out why the unfamiliar user is interested in adding you to their group.

The feature was announced by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart on his channel on the instant-messaging app.

The group chat context cards have already started rolling out globally and will be available to all users "over the coming weeks," according to a press release by WhatsApp.