Monday Dec 08, 2014

PTI protest in Faisalabad: workers burn tyres on roads, block traffic

FAISALABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers and supporters Monday staged a protest in Faisalabad and while protesting, they set tyres on fire and blocked the roads for traffic, Geo News reported.

The agitated workers burnt the tyres at Milat Chowk and Kaleem Shaheed Chowk that blocked the traffic on the adjoining roads.

The protesting workers also barged into the educational institutions and tried to shut them forcefully. The citizens who have to reach to their work on time are facing immense difficulties due to suspension of traffic on main arteries and protests in different areas of Faisalabad.

The security plan has been finalized in and around Ghanta Chowk and adjoining market areas. Police personnel have blocked the traffic to the adjoining markets at Ghanta Chowk.

The PTI is protesting in Faisalabad as part of Imran Khan’s campaign against Sharif government today.

Khan on November 30 had announced that he would shutdown different cities of the countries to pressurize the government as part of his next plan.

Tensions started to build since Sunday afternoon when PTI and Nawaz-League workers came face to face at Ghanta Chowk of the city and chanted slogans against each other.

Though the local administration is prepared to cope with the situation and warned of strict action in case of any public disorder, citizens are totally clueless.

The district administration said that the situation would be monitored through close circuit cameras and strict action would be taken against those involved in any unlawful activity.