Prince William 'will be truly disgusted' if Harry trashes Camilla in memoir

May 23, 2022

Prince William will reportedly not be very happy if Prince Harry, decides to bad-mouth Camilla in his memoir

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Prince William will reportedly not be very happy if his brother, Prince Harry, decides to bad-mouth their step-mother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in his upcoming memoir, a source close to the royals has claimed.

Woman’s Day quoted an insider revealing that as William works on improving his relationship with Camilla after initial years of hostility, he is also being more protective over her.

After it was reported that Harry’s upcoming memoir, touted as an intimate tell-all, might include some comments about the Queen finally allowing for Camilla to be labelled as Queen consort in the future.

“Camilla's feeling very anxious ahead of what could feasibly be a hatchet job for simply loving Harry's father,” a source reportedly said.

The insider went on: “William's heart goes out to her, and he will be truly disgusted if Harry takes out all his emotions on her.”

“No one knows yet what exactly will be in that book, but William has pledged to be there for Camilla if it gets as ugly – as they all suspect it might,” they concluded.

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