Launches catch fire at Karachi Fishery

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February 08, 2023

Four fire brigade vehicles and a water bowser took part in the firefighting operation

The picture shows launches on fire in Karachi's Fishery area on February 8, 2023. — YouTube screengrab/Geo News

Lunches anchored at the Fishery near Karachi caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday. The blaze was brought under control after several hours of firefighting.

The cooling process is currently underway.

Firefighters said that the blaze started at berth number seven and eight of Kala Pani. A launch has been fully gutted in the fire while three others were 50% destroyed.

The fire spread due to strong winds which caused trouble in the firefighting operation, according to Fishery Security officials. At least five fire brigade vehicles, including a water bowser, from different centers took part in operation to extinguish the fire.

The crew of the Fishermen Cooperative Housing Society also took part in the firefighting operation.

Meanwhile, the firefighting operation faced difficulties as the vehicles could not get water from the Eidgah fire brigade headquarters near the Civil Hospital as its power supply was interrupted.

Since fire tenders could not be refilled with water at the fire brigade headquarters, the Karachi Port Trust and the Pakistan Navy were approached to help with the firefighting operation,according to a fire brigade operator.

The DC office was also informed about the blaze.


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