Ming-Na Wen over the moon to be honoured with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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May 31, 2023

Ming-Na Wen reflects on her Chinese name being etched on the Walk of Fame

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Ming-Na Wen over the moon to be honoured with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ming-Na Wen has recently been awarded the star on Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 30.

Speaking to Variety before the unveiling, Wen said, “I'm so honoured but I don't feel worthy of it. I'm literally having anxiety dreams about it.”

“I'm being honoured in the most remarkable way and all I'm doing is living out my biggest nerd dreams,” remarked the 59-year-old.

During the ceremony, Wen revealed she was worried over her name being misspelled or mispronounced.

“Living in America with a name like mine, trust me, it wasn’t easy. Mee-nay; Mee-now; Ms. Nah-wen, various ways other Americans have fumbled my name,” said the Star Wars actress, via Los Angeles Times.

The Marvel star quipped, “If they can say ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger,’ they can say ‘Ming-Na Wen’.”

Wen revealed that she thought of anglicising her name at the start of her career; however, she’s happy she rejected the idea.

“I guess now that it’s ‘Ming-Na Wen Day,’ I made the right move’” stated the Joy Luck Club actress.

Wen also reflected on having her Chinese name on the famed walk and what this meant to her.

“I have to take myself out of it and see the bigger picture of what this really means,” stated As the World Turns actress.

Wen added, “If someone is walking over that star and they see it's an Asian American name, a Chinese name, what does that represent? How can it inspire others?”

Meanwhile, Wen is the latest addition in a small list of Asian performers to receive her star on the Walk of Fame, others included Anna May Wong, Mako, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and James Hong.

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