‘Star-struck' Prince William tried to be ‘protective dad' at Taylor Swift concert

Prince William enjoyed the Taylor Swift concert with kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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June 24, 2024
Prince William enjoyed the Taylor Swift concert with kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince William, who’s a big swiftie, recently enjoyed a Taylor Swift show in London with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

However, the Prince of Wales was seen being more of a doting father than a fanboy this time, per body language expert Judi James.

The three royals posed for a selfie with Taylor, beaming wide. The Grammy winner posted the selfie on her Instagram, writing, “Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start.”

Explaining the selfie, Judi told the Daily Express: “There’s three very delighted and excited royal fans here.”

“William does try to temper his signals of being over-awed and star-struck by placing one hand on each of his children’s shoulders in a gesture that suggests he’s trying to present as a protective dad rather than the Swiftie that he most obviously is,” she continued.

“It’s the wide boyish grin that reveals his fan-boy status and the crinkled eye-smile,” noted James.

George seemed excited like his father: “George’s cheek-rounding grin shows a state of matching excitement here.”

Charlotte too seemed to let go of the royal inhibitions, giving her most excited smile: “It’s Charlotte who has dropped off any royal inhibitions to pose with Taylor in full selfie mode, pinning the camera with her eyes with a wonderfully wide grin on her face.”

“Charlotte seems to be mirroring her hero Taylor with her body language here and in another selfie both threw their heads back with a matching, open-mouthed laugh,” she added.

“These recent photos of William and his children out having the best fun together, with William acting like a big kid himself, show a reassuring outburst of the kind of playful fun that might have been on hold during Kate’s illness,” she concluded.