Friday Sep 16, 2016

Shikarpur Imambargah attackers had been trained in Afghanistan

KARACHI: Before they set off to attack an imambargah on Eid day, the two suicide bombers stopped for tea at a roadside stall in Shikarpur.

The two suicide bombers, of which one was arrested by police on Tuesday, confessed to have arrived in Pakistan from Afghanistan, a report compiled by intelligence agencies said.

The suicide bombers had been trained in a Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan camp for a month in Nangarhar province, a source said.

A terrorist named Abdullah brought the two suicide bombers from Afghanistan to Pakistan on the second of Ramazan.  Prior to the blast the last meeting took place in Wadh.

On September 12 the group of four men traveled from Wadh to Shikarpur. The two attackers put on their suicide jackets at the Sindh Balochistan border. At 5am on September 13 they resumed their journey to Shikarpur.

Once they reached Shikarpur they had tea at a roadside stall and then they set off for the imambargah at 8:18 AM. They tried to attack the imambargah at 8:28 AM.

However while one of them blew himself up at the gate, the other was arrested alive by police.

Sources said that a network of terrorists was functioning in Wadh, Balochistan.

Terrorists in the area include Arif, Muaz, Sajjad alias Dilawar, Hafeez and Abdullah. Hafeez was also one of the main suspects in the Shikarpur bombing in 2015.

At the moment four other suicide bombers are present in Afghanistan, a source added.