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Wednesday Oct 19, 2016

Dr Ishrat ul Ebad slams Mustafa Kamal


KARACHI: After a several-year-long hiatus the Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat ul Ebad reappeared in the political scene with several snide remarks against Mustafa Kamal and his newly-formed Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

Speaking to media at the DMC Ojha campus he said the city government which came after Jamat-e-Islami mayor Naimatullah Khan in 2005 was disappointing, in a direct attack at Kamal and his mayorship which he flaunts to this day.

“Naimatullah Khan is old but he is honest. They should learn from him,” he said.

In a direct attack at Mustafa Kamal he said he found him a disgusting person. “He is disgusting, loathsome, and bipolar.”

“Cowasjee [city activist] used to say “Mustafa Kamal is digging Karachi, and sending money to Malaysia”,” he said adding that in his entire career he (Ebad) had always worked with everyone, but never for anyone.

Without naming Kamal he said that target killing was at its peak between 2008 and 2011. During the same time he said reports of china-cutting were heard of.

He said that people were sitting in offices in posh areas of the city and doing the business of politics, in an attack at Mustafa Kamal’s office in Defence and PECHS areas.

Ebad said that party had asked Kamal to send in his resignation as senator but he was not ready to do so.

"He says he found about [MQM] links to RAW in 2012. But he continued to be a party senator till 2014," Ebad said.

Baldia Factory fire 

He said that cases of the Baldia Factory Fire will be heard in court, and no one will be spared. “The convicts will be hung at a public place. Those who burn labourers to ash, who extort money are criminals,” he said, without naming PSP leader Anees Qaimkhani who has been named in a Baldia Factory Fire JIT.

“We are with the victims of the Baldia Factory Fire. We will get them justice,” he said.

Azizabad weapons bust

He added that the largest cache of weapons in Karachi was found. “That weapon had been collected to fight the army,” he said.

He said that the presence of Rangers had controlled 80 percent crime in the city. “But the 20 percent crime should be tackled. Get to the criminals who have fled the country,” he said.

He said that leads have been received in Hakeem Muhammad Saeed murder case. "We are investigating those leads. Those who are being very pure and innocent are hiding behind his murder case. If the need be we will reopen this case.”








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