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Thursday Dec 08, 2016
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Eyewitnesses recall horror of PK-661 crash

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ABBOTTABAD: There was an explosion and then a ball of fire, eye witnesses of the PK-661 air crash remember its final moments.

Geo News spoke to two eyewitnesses following yesterday's horrific plane crash in Havelian that killed all 47 passengers on board, including Junaid Jamshed.

The first local explained that he noticed turbulence as the aircraft flew over his village. It tottered up and down, and started to sink downward, seemingly headed toward the small town, he said. However, it appeared that as the pilot noticed the colony, he attempted to lift the plan back upwards to save the people on ground.

It was then, the eyewitness mentioned, that the plane couldn’t maintain itself, and crashed into the mountain visible from the village. He added that there was a blast, and it subsequently burst into flames.

The second eyewitness discussed how the town’s people reacted to the crash impact, and stated that fire erupted at the site right after the flight hit ground. He commented, “There was an explosion, and flames shot up on the mountainside right after. All of us ran towards the wreckage to put out the fire.”

Most of the locals then got involved in rescue efforts, while army and teams were dispatched to the crash site.

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