'Pakistan jeetay ga!' says former Miss Kurdistan

Shene Aziz Ako will attend PSL final in Lahore

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DUBAI: Miss Kurdistan 2012 and Miss World Kurdistan 2014 Shene Aziz Ako reached Dubai to support Pakistan Super League (PSL) Tuesday.

Discussing why she supports PSL with Geo News, Ako said: “I find it very amazing that cricket gathers all the Pakistani people, everyone watches PSL.”

“It is a great honour for me,” said the former Miss Kurdistan. Sharing what got her interested in cricket, she said: “It was Bollywood movies that got me interested in watching cricket.”

Ako said she looks up to Wasim Akram not only because he is an excellent cricketer but because of the charity work that the Akram Foundation is doing.

When asked which team between Karachi and Islamabad will she be supporting, Ako said: “I am cheering for Pakistan. Pakistan jeetay ga.”

“I am very excited to visit Pakistan. I have many Pakistani friends and know everything about Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi,” she said. “I have grown up with the movies and the culture. And I would love to meet the Pakistani people.”

Talking about spreading the message of peace through cricket, Ako said: “Each country spreads the message of peace through some avenue. I believe Pakistan is showing its peace through cricket.”

“I just want to say I am very excited to come to Lahore to watch the PSL final. I love Pakistan and hope to meet most of the people there,” she said in her message to fans in Pakistan. “Don’t give up on peace. Each and everyone can do something small to show the world there is peace inside of you. Don’t give up and Pakistan jeetay ga.”