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Tuesday May 02, 2017

Pakistan dismisses Indian accusations of mutilating soldiers' bodies at LoC


RAWALPINDI: Through hotline contact by the Directors-General Military Operations, the Pakistan Army has rejected India's baseless and unfounded accusations of ceasefire violations and mutilating bodies of Indian army soldiers at the Line of Control.

A routine weekly hotline contact was established between Pakistan and Indian DGs Military Operations (MO) on Tuesday at 11:30 AM, the ISPR said in a statement.

“Pakistan army did not commit any ceasefire violation on the line of control or a BAT action in Buttal sector (Indian Krishna Ghatti Sector) as alleged by India. Indian blame of mutilating Indian soldiers' bodies is also false”, an ISPR statement said.

“Pakistan army is a highly professional force and shall never disrespect a soldier even Indian,” the statement added.

Indian army had alleged that two members of its patrol were killed on LoC and then their bodies were mutilated.

“Allegations of mutilation are an Indian attempt to divert the attention of the world from the situation in the [Kashmir] valley,” the ISPR statement said.

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Pakistan asks for actionable evidence

Pakistan army’s DG MO asked for actionable evidence and urged that the Indian army should look inwards to probe the incident and also cautioned his Indian counterpart that the Pakistan army was “is fully committed to maintaining peace and tranquility along the LoC, however, any misadventure shall be appropriately responded at a place and time of [its] own choosing.”

He also highlighted the issue of continuously targeting innocent civilians on the LoC by Indian troops and apprised his counterpart that continuation in such actions would invite an appropriate response.