Panama case JIT making history, says Imran Khan

PTI chief claims Sharifs laundered public money out of the country


عمران خان کا جلسے سے خطاب

Posted by Geo News Urdu on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

CHITRAL: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that it is the first time that big crooks are being questioned over corruption in the country's history.

Speaking to supporters in Chitral, he said "this is your money that they have looted". 

Referring to the ongoing Panama case investigation, he said the Sharifs are being held accountable by the joint investigation team.

Khan said the Sharifs laundered money after stealing it from public funds, and now make ‘innocent faces’ when asked for explanations.

“Now the princess [Maryam] has been summoned and they are making a huge hue and cry. Have you forgotten about Benazir Bhutto?” he asked.

The PTI chief is in Chitral where he inaugurated a small-scale hydroelectric power supply scheme.

It was owing to Imran’s visit that he failed to appear in the Election Commission of Pakistan on Tuesday to submit his reply in a contempt petition against him. 

Addressing his supporters, he said there are two major problems facing the nation: water and electricity.

“You will be surprised to know most children die in Pakistan because of drinking contaminated water. This is extremely shameful for us. Since the government does not fulfill its responsibility common people have to bribe the authorities in order to get clean water. Providing a basic necessity for the people is our policy. This is the right of the people. This is the responsibility of the government,” he said.

The electricity produced in the country is really expensive because it is made with imported fuel paid for by dollars which leads to taking international loans, he explained. "To return those loans we have to tax our people. If this tax wasn’t there then things would be relatively cheaper,” he added.

Khan stated that Pakistan was either importing fuel or using coal for its electricity which was also harmful since it caused pollution.

“Our future is dependent on hydroelectricity. In the 1960’s when we relied on hydroelectricity, the prices of electricity were the lowest and there was no load-shedding,” he claimed.