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Sunday Aug 13 2017

Gulalai says PTI chief still 'mentally serving British'


Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Ayesha Gulalai, in a video message released late Saturday, wished the country on its 71st Independence Day.

In the statement, Gulalai said a sacrifice by two million Muslims led to freedom from British rule.

The disgruntled PTI leader, who has accused PTI chief Imran Khan of harassment and condoning corruption, said: “Imran Niazi gives examples of the British but has failed to mentally free himself from their servitude”.

She added that Imran shouldn’t lead the youth into mentally serving the British.

With regards to the formation of a parliamentary committee to probe her allegations, Gulalai said Imran first welcomed the committee but then backtracked. “Imran has now demanded a commission akin to those in Britain,” she argued.

Gulalai said Britain has its own traditions, culture and that decisions taken in Pakistan will be as per our Constitution.

I, alongside fellow Pakistanis, have full faith in the Constitution, said Gulalai.

Continuing her critique of Imran, Gulalai said he should explain why he does not trust our Constitution.

“Imran says he will deliberate before giving election tickets to women,” she said, adding that Imran shouldn’t give tickets to decent, educated people in future as they can be dangerous to him.

‘Won’t resign from National Assembly’

Gulalai, who is still a member of the National Assembly from the PTI ticket, said last Monday that she will not resign from her seat, amid a ruckus from the PTI members.

Addressing the assembly after taking permission from the deputy speaker, Gulalai said she was elected on merit and would continue her duties as a lawmaker.

She added that she gave voice to weak women and added that she never compromised over integrity.

“Imran is not a deity that he cannot be criticised,” said Gulalai.

She further said that allegations were hurled at her family and she received death and acid attack threats.

The allegations

Earlier this month, Gulalai, claimed Imran had sent inappropriate text messages to her and hinted at tying the knot.

She claimed to have informed her father that the party chief had asked her to meet him alone but she took her father and brother along with her to meet the PTI chief, which irked him.

Gulalai also said her father asked Imran about his intentions but he dodged the question.

"I am ready to sit in front of Imran and can confront him on the obnoxious messages that he sent. He put me through mental torture and pain," explained Gulalai.

As per Gulalai, Khan first sent inappropriate messages to her in 2013.


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