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Tuesday Nov 07 2017

Police shoot dead injured suspect in Faisalabad


FAISALABAD: An injured suspect was shot dead by police in Faisalabad on Tuesday, despite the fact that he was surrounded and wasn't visibly armed.

Police say that they signalled three men riding a motorbike in Gulberg area to pull over, but they opened fire on them. Two of the suspects fled the scene amid ensuing exchange of fire.

One suspect, who was injured during the episode, was subsequently surrounded by the law enforcers.

In the meantime, a plain-clothed personnel appeared and fired three shots killing the injured suspect on the spot.

Police claim the suspect was armed and could have fired on them.

But the mobile phone footage of the incident does not show the suspect, who laid on the footpath, carrying a firearm.

The deceased has been identified as Asif Sardar, who was wanted in several cases including three robberies in Gujranwala.

But the question remains why the police didn’t arrest him. The suspect could have revealed names and hideouts of his accomplices.

The law enforcers also failed to explain what did they get from this fake encounter.