The agreement between government and protesters

Details of the agreement reached between the government and protesters in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: After weeks of national uncertainty and misery for the residents of the twin cities, the sit-in at Faizabad Interchange has come to an end. 

The agreement reached between the protesters and the government is as follows:

1) Federal Law Minister  Zahid Hamid, under whose ministry the controversial amendment to the Constitution was introduced, should resign from his position immediately. 

2) The report prepared by Senator Raja Zafarul Haq-led committee to be made public within 30 days and whoever is named in the report for being responsible for the change in the election oath to face strict action under the law.

3) Protesters arrested between November 6 until the end of the sit-in from across the country to be released within one to three days. The cases registered against them and the house arrests be ended.

4) An inquiry board, which will include TLYR representatives, will be established to probe and decide what action to take against the government and administration officials over the operation conducted by security forces against protesters on Saturday, November 25. The inquiry should be completed within 30 days and action will be taken against those found responsible.

5) The federal and provincial governments will determine and compensate for the loss of government and private assets incurred from November 6 until the end of the sit-in.

6) Agreement reached between Punjab government, TLYR to be implemented in letter and spirit.