Pakistan's youngest political party chairman is also amongst the wealthiest

Bilal Bhutto-Zardari’s assets have been valued at over Rs1.5 billion, more than what his father Asif Ali Zardari owns

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Bilal Bhutto-Zardari. Photo: File 

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Bilal Bhutto-Zardari’s assets have been valued at over Rs1.5 billion, more than what his father Asif Ali Zardari owns.

According to asset details shared with the Election Commission of Pakistan, most of Bilawal’s assets have been declared as gifts.

The PPP chairperson’s assets worth Rs1.54 billion include properties in Pakistan and abroad. Among them is acres of land in Sanghar, Larkana, Tando Allah Yar and five other cities of the country.

Moreover, the documents show that Bilawal has an agriculture land worth Rs0.68 million as a gift from his paternal grandfather. Another property that he received as a gift is a bunglow on 1,200 square yards in G-6, Islamabad.

The PPP chairperson also has a 181-acre land in Ratto Dero, worth Rs2.1 million, as per the documents.

Besides, Bilawal also has business in Dubai and United Kingdom.

He has also declared his offshore accounts and properties in the details submitted to ECP.

As per tax details mentioned in the documents, Bilawal paid taxes of Rs0.415 million in 2015, Rs0.551 million and Rs0.237 million in 2017.

Bilawal declared assets while filing nomination papers for NA-246 (Lyari).

Earlier, ECP shared details of assets owned by Zardari, stating he was not a defaulter of any state institution or department.

The former president has declared income from agriculture and business as his primary means of earning in the documents submitted to ECP. He owns 349 acres of agricultural land, with 7,399 acres of farmland obtained on lease.

Last year, the politician earned Rs 134,016,650 from his agricultural business. His earnings from other business in 2017 summed up to Rs 97,51,400. He paid Rs 26,32,490 in taxes last year.

The documents submitted by Zardari show that in 2016 his agricultural income amounted to Rs114,085,000, whereas his income from other businesses summed up to Rs82,45,900. He paid Rs21,05,565 in taxes in the same year.

In 2015, the PPP co-chairman earned Rs105,560,000 from agriculture and Rs76,66,000 from other businesses. He paid Rs19,05,600 in taxes in the same year.

The former president has submitted an affidavit, declaring he is not a dual national.